When you navigate around search engines, like Google, there are factors and methods put in place that tell the search engine which websites to show in search results. The process of SEO puts best practices in place to allow for search engines to β€œfind” your website and rank it within the results when certain keywords are searched.

how important is your website really right now?

Here's what happens when your site is found online + has a great user experience:

⭐ More website traffic = new supporters
Increased awareness + visibility of your brand
⭐ Better understanding of your mission
Participation, funding and overall excitement for your organization go way, way up

With allllll the things to pay attention to in your business..


I help kind people make tech stuff less scary so they can continue their mission to change the world.

When you reach out to me, you'll get an audit of your website.

Then, we'll chat about my recommendations on how to fix any opportunities you have across your website when it comes to SEO, website copy and design.

what do i look for in your personalized website audit?

⭐ How people are finding your website today: I'll find out what people are currently searching on Google to find your website + where other traffic is coming from. I'll show you different opportunities to increase traffic, if that comes up as an opportunity in your customized audit.

⭐ How people interact with your website: Maybe people are finding your website but I'll find out what they're doing on your website when they get there. I'll then walk you through ways to fix anywhere your website traffic may be dropping off.

⭐ Brand Opportunities + Tech Issues: Is your website loading slow? Is there anything on the backend of your website that may stop it from showing properly on Google? Maybe your brand aesthetics are inconsistent. I've got you covered and can show you how to fix these.

⭐ SEO Opportunities: This is usually where I find the most opportunity β€” because SEO can feel like an animal! But, I promise it doesn't have to be. I'll take a look to see where you can bring in website copy that can give you a better opportunity for more website traffic. I'll also give you some recommendations on where you can make some connections with your business to build up your website's reputation.


actual SEO + website strategy,
lots of laughs,
fun emails, 
many breaths of fresh air.

what you won't:

Intimidating tech talk, scare tactics, gotcha strategies, ghosting, NSYNC playing on my Spotify.

that's what (they) said:

Run, don't walk to Britt! She helped me with my web site SEO and clients inquiries followed.

- Katya M.

I did a website audit with Britt & and it is the best money I have spent in a long time! She quickly provided very actionable, thoughtful changes that were simple for me to implement but have made a HUGE difference in my number and quality of client inquiries.

- emily H.

I implemented about half the changes to my website and the very next day I had my VERY FIRST lead via my contact form! So thrilled.

- emily M.

Britt is a trusted resource, to say the least. She's been essential in the growth of our website and takes the intimidation of it all away.

- josh n.

where should you start?

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