Oh, hey! I'm Britt.

You may also know me as...

The pink-haired website designer at Launch Your Daydream

The livestream co-host over at Fangirls' Night Out

The introverted girl from CLE that pronounces her "short a" sound very strongly + laughs loud + says "pop"

The one always refreshing Ticketmaster + Stubhub for better tickets to my favorite live shows

Britt Hyatt

dot com

I also like to make tech shit less scary + more fun. I'm fascinated by design, strategy + different ways of thinking to solve tech-related problems.

Oh, I talk a LOT about boybands + pop culture, too, so get ready!

a look inside my head...

Everything runs very fast

Most things are technical

Way too many tabs open

Disclaimer: This is not actually the inside of my head. It's a tiny bit of the SEO work done for a real-life client's website. But, hey, replace the gorgeous wedding photography with boybands, reality shows and loud laughing and it's prob pretty close.

What's going on in my world?

Looking to start a shop of your own? Take a peek at how you can be hands-off in the fulfillment and shipping process with the integration between Printful and Etsy!


So, you’re ready to hire a website designer?! YAY! But, wait a minute. How do you make sure you hire the RIGHT person? Start with these five questions and you’ll be on your way to making sure you’re comfortable + confident with who you hire!


NOTE: I’m not affiliated with BSB, their Vegas residency, or Starbucks. None of this is official merchandise, actual partnerships or being sold as such. I’m simply a fangirl that loves to pull together design (and strategy behind it all) that other fans would enjoy!