53.3% of all website traffic comes from organic search.

Organic Search is also the highest channel for revenue results at 44.6%.

Whether you're service-based or product-based, your small business cannot continue to afford ignoring SEO and missing out on this traffic potential.

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It all comes down to making sure your site is set up properly to appear higher in Google search results by your potential customer.

don't freak out. seo isn't as scary as you've been told.

SEO involves making sure specific best practices are followed on your website, so that Google feels confident in showing your website in search results for certain keywords.

When that happens, your website has the potential for more visits from potential customers.

I had the pleasure of working with Britt Hyatt on the SEO strategy for our Marketing Mission website and digital product shop. From the start, it was evident that Britt was a consummate professional with a deep understanding of SEO and its nuances. Britt took the time to thoroughly research and identify the most effective keywords for our business, ensuring that we targeted those with the highest potential for success.

 In just a few months, we've seen a remarkable 45% increase in visibility with the keywords we identified upfront. Our website's visibility in search results improved from 0.59% in December to an impressive 0.94% in April, demonstrating the effectiveness of Britt's SEO strategies. 

- cody hays, marketing mission

specific keywords cody wanted to rank for with marketing mission

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• Technical Site Audit
• Keyword Research
• Local Organic Competitor Research
• Blog/Content Suggestions
• Website User Experience Review

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45-min brand consultation call

45-minute consultation call with me to discuss any questions, concerns or specific details around your brand, website or SEO.

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